Wednesday, 31 October 2012

End of the Summer

the garden has been a major no-go this year.

ho hum.

i have no right to complain, so i wont.

The trees go a lovely colour in october. i better get some pictures before the wind takes it all away for another year.

This cat,,

This log has been seasoning for 18 months down the bottom of the garden.

Today`s the day i grow a pair and get sawing.

I figured i take a tea-break and put a couple of pictures up, seeing as i found my camera.

I`ll get these chopped and burning by tonight.

which make this little chap happy..

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Lil`old garden update.

 In April, the garden looked pretty much like this :

Which is pretty standard for these parts,

Then the rain came.

Non-sop rain.

so much rain.

I gave up.

I bowed down to the superior opponent that is the Slug, and it`s underestimated partner in slime, the snail.

As of half an hour ago, the yard looks like this :

i just let nature take its course this year. I cut the grass maybe twice; didnt feed anything.

i planted this fuchsia a month ago, the purple flowers go really well with the crocosmia behind them.

the grapevine started growing eventually, i`m expecting my first real grapes this year, not many mind.

Friday, 17 August 2012

A quick run to Black Rock Sands.

Summertime can take you by surprise in good old blighty, so you have to grab it while you can.

join the traffic, watch the cars.

get stuck behind a truck for a few miles. ( par for the course. )

then a tractor , on a trailer . double bonus.

then you hit the welsh border and the road opens up.

I`m not driving, i`m the grateful passenger of my mate mik.

that`s not him.

that`s one of the resident car-park gulls, waiting for crisps and ice cream cones. of my favourite views.

......20 minutes later, and you can drive straight on to the beach.

It`s like looking at the meditteranian sometimes, that shimmer that comes off the waves.

shirt AND brces on the hottest of days !!

Nice one Mik !! 


The heat was too much for me, i suffered from sunstroke , but it was worth it.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

end of may 2012

A week of hardcore sunshine ( for the uk anyway ) and the plants are loving it.

( Fragaria × ananassa)

it baffles me how these strawberry plants have survived.
they got dumped in this tub 3 years ago and neglected - i dont think i even watered them last year- and yet, here we are. cute little flowers. i`m not keen on the strawberries that come off the " mother plant " ( the texture is ok , but they taste bland.
i wait for the runners to shoot out and grow them on. the fruits that come off the new plants taste like a real strawberry should, you know - strawberry flavor. 

spinach has trebled in size in less than a week., i`ll start eating it soon, pinching the leaves out.
meanwhile - grapevine leaves appear almost overnight and as this has turned into a grow diary, you`ll be able to see how fast these things grow.......

.......for example : 

sunflowers find their way and go for it,, i`ll put them in the ground one they are sturdy enough ( and hairy-stalked enough ) to resist the slugs. 

oh,, the broccoli went to flower. i suppose i`ll collect the seeds and germinate them later, for next year.

dandelion in flower.
 this plant ( Taraxacum) is a diuretic and the original english name was " piss - a - bed."
fascinating huh ?


Friday, 25 May 2012

may cont`d


blueberry bush - yay, flowers

purple sprouting broccoli,,, i pinch the purple florets out, they go well in a stir fry or cooked up with saag and mushrooms. mmm.

little spinach plants keeping my grapevine company.

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lemon balm  - ( a gorgeous smell when you rub the leaves )
i use it like mint, makes peas taste lush.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

garden : may

Well it looks like spring took a year off again and the uk launched straight into summer 2 days ago.

everything is 6 weeks behind, i`m usually  chomping on lettuces and spinach by now, but never mind.

i had to move the spinach into a pot, away from the slugs, but they are coming on nicely now.

i`m sure it rained here for 5 weeks non-stop, which didnt do the bluebells any favours.

this years sunflowers, -

only a few inches tall, so they have a long way to go to beat the monster that grew last year. - i stopped measuring when it got to 8 foot.

these are my cro-cosmias, which WILL be in flower next month, followed by my last surviving gladioli i

music : something i did last weekend after watching many many  hours of youtube tutorials