Monday, 20 February 2012

WV3 in Feb.

its easy to overlook street names when you see them every day.

jeffcock road.

lime street.

unusual name for a street, Manlove Street.

so, , , yeah.. 


  1. Man these remind of home, then I keep remembering the riots.

  2. once every 20 years,, i can cope with that :) .

    ...bit bleak at the moment though.

  3. Even though I'd be scared to go down a street called "Jeffcock" (not as much as "Manlove," though), I'd be tempted. Because, apparently, there's a lot of humping going on (180 yards one way and 850 yards the other).
    By the way, that dude in the first picture really looks like he needs to take a crap.

  4. Love the name and pics. Street names are sometimes very appropriately named. I'd like to know the history of some of these.

  5. Gorgeous! I love those red brick buildings and the gargoyle (?) is amazing! You're lucky to get so many warnings about speed bumps. Here, they just put them in the road without telling anyone and if you're lucky, they remember to put up the red and white warning beacons at the side of the road! Talk about half-arsed! Only in Africa! :)

  6. beautiful photos, a nice evening!

  7. i wonder how they came up with some of those street names...

    1. if you get into a bit of googling, most of our local street names are historical figures, names of trees,flowers,cities. . be careful if you google manlove though.....