Friday, 30 March 2012

garden :end of march 2012

march 30th 2012.

not the largest of plots, but just enough space  to stop me getting bored.

 this is the blueberry bush i rescued 3 years ago -  i moved it into the sun last year and it really didnt like it. - this year it`s back in the shade where the soil is slightly acid. judging from the appearance of early green shoots - i think it likes it. 
fingers crossed, i can  pick enough berries this year to make my very own blueberry muffin.

 random bulbs planted without ceremony last autumn.
quite a nice suprise to see a bit of colour.

feet up on a log, cup-o-tea in hand. lovely.
- especially first thing in the morning -

i planted some broccoli at the end of last summer, they survived the winter well - no sign of florets but the leaves are really tasty.  cut the main vein out the leaf, cut the leaves  into strips and lightly boil or steam with pepper. ( oops, forgot the spinach pics. )

here we go, the spinach starts to grow.

the bluebells will be flowering in the next couple of weeks.

ok, so i put my feet up after 10 minutes of digging.

i`ll update as i do more to the "yard", i dont like to rush these things.
more photos as things grow.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Mountains to the Sea

Rolling down the Lamberis Pass, Snowdonia - UK.

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Friday, 16 March 2012

post removed.

today is a sad day.

sorry , the last video i posted may have something to do with my adsense account being disabled.

thanks google.

Monday, 12 March 2012

the walk to tettenhall wood.

the walk from pennfields to tettenhall wood is about 4 mile round trip.

these ended up the wrong way round somehow.

 pronounced : Whittick  Mannah.

this building sort of gives me the creeps, all boarded up.
almost built into the sandstone, all overgrown and that..

 words cannot describe how steep this hill is, 

  " straight outa " gets written on this sign quite often,

show some respect for the winstone.

Compton Hospice

A railway bridge that suffered an identity crisis in the 1960`s
thanks to mr beeching.
now its a bridge and is quite happy to carry nature walkers.

A nice walk actually, the old railway line.

way out of sequence, never mind.

i mean, this one is from just round the corner from my house.

the tree to pavement ratio does not favour the  double buggy.

Bantock House , well worth a visit .

music : my good friend Pete Kent 

Friday, 9 March 2012

Market Day

i`ll just leave this here, 

it`ll be ok for 10 minutes

having a quick look round the market, i wont be long.

mmm, bleached out bananas, tasty grapes though..

a couple of those onions please, and a cabbage.

awww, daffs,. mothers day coming up.

how to solve the language barrier of many nationalities wanting to buy stuff..

£1  a bowl.

maybe not.

my word look at the time.

now then, where did i put my bike ?

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Bridgenorth March 1st 2012

Bridgenorth , Shropshire.

google maps : 52.532057,-2.415876

The town city i live in has no river running through it.

this is the nearest proper river . the river severn.

the magical history of this place can be found < here >

i point, i click. that`s all.

music : my friend joss  - he does remarkable things with movie maker.
enjoy :