Friday, 30 March 2012

garden :end of march 2012

march 30th 2012.

not the largest of plots, but just enough space  to stop me getting bored.

 this is the blueberry bush i rescued 3 years ago -  i moved it into the sun last year and it really didnt like it. - this year it`s back in the shade where the soil is slightly acid. judging from the appearance of early green shoots - i think it likes it. 
fingers crossed, i can  pick enough berries this year to make my very own blueberry muffin.

 random bulbs planted without ceremony last autumn.
quite a nice suprise to see a bit of colour.

feet up on a log, cup-o-tea in hand. lovely.
- especially first thing in the morning -

i planted some broccoli at the end of last summer, they survived the winter well - no sign of florets but the leaves are really tasty.  cut the main vein out the leaf, cut the leaves  into strips and lightly boil or steam with pepper. ( oops, forgot the spinach pics. )

here we go, the spinach starts to grow.

the bluebells will be flowering in the next couple of weeks.

ok, so i put my feet up after 10 minutes of digging.

i`ll update as i do more to the "yard", i dont like to rush these things.
more photos as things grow.


  1. Groovy garden, Crowbloke! And you have a kitty! YAY!!! Can't wait to see your garden bloom! :)

  2. Congratulations to you on the gardening endeavor. I hope it goes well.

  3. I don't understand that blueberry bush of yours, Mr Green Fingers. Who doesn't like a bit of sunshine? ;)

    1. i moved it into the direct sun last year,, it didnt like it one bit.

  4. Sweet graden!!/MemeDoctor

    1. nice work, returned the follow.
      ...maybe you should check out my cheezburger site....

  5. Nice!!/MemeDoctor

  6. What flowers came up for summer? My winter narcissus (paper white) is making an appearance! Miss you and your lovely photos. :)

  7. where did the last 6 weeks go,,,?
    the weather is good so i`ll get some done.

    < shakes head in shame for not blogging >