Monday, 12 March 2012

the walk to tettenhall wood.

the walk from pennfields to tettenhall wood is about 4 mile round trip.

these ended up the wrong way round somehow.

 pronounced : Whittick  Mannah.

this building sort of gives me the creeps, all boarded up.
almost built into the sandstone, all overgrown and that..

 words cannot describe how steep this hill is, 

  " straight outa " gets written on this sign quite often,

show some respect for the winstone.

Compton Hospice

A railway bridge that suffered an identity crisis in the 1960`s
thanks to mr beeching.
now its a bridge and is quite happy to carry nature walkers.

A nice walk actually, the old railway line.

way out of sequence, never mind.

i mean, this one is from just round the corner from my house.

the tree to pavement ratio does not favour the  double buggy.

Bantock House , well worth a visit .

music : my good friend Pete Kent 


  1. It looks so quaint and normal, do you get chavs in that area at all?

    Nice cover by your friend by the way!

    1. chavs ? would that be from the latin ?

    2. What, chav is a Latin word? I haven't studied Latin since Year 7 but i know that it's not Latin. Are you really sure that you don't know or have not seen what a "chav" is? Then I envy you.

  2. Oh, wow! Everything is so beautiful and clean! It's so nice to see historic, landmark buildings that have NOT become slums! Oh, to live in the first world! Whitewick Manor is a gorgeous Tudor lady and I LOVE the tow path picture! Yours is beautiful country, crowbloke!

    Holy shit! Pete is AMAZING!!! Eleanor Rigby never sounded so good! I can't believe it's just one person playing strings, bass and percussion on one guitar! (please forgive the use of improper terminology!) I'm always so envious of people with musical skills. I really wish I could play something, anything! Alas, like another gorgeous Northern lad, John Lennon, I play the fool! FML! :)

    1. i`ve known pete for a long time, its worth checking out his youtube page for more. there is no trickery involved - he really can play like that.

      - i`m the eternal optimist when it comes to music. i think everyone is capable but self critisism gets in the way. you should try - i bet you`ve got a nice voice, give it a go.

    2. I bow to Pete!

      I suspect you are absolutely right, I'm my own worst critic! I can't hold a tune in a bucket, but I'd love to learn to play the djembe drum. I wish there were more people like you in the world! I might actually have some self worth then. Thanks, crowbloke! Much love! :)

  3. I like creepy old overgrown houses, wonder if it has a story

    1. i will look into it, i know some of the locals and when you get them talking, they just dont stop. - i`ll find out.

  4. Me and my friend thought your double buggy comment was brilliant, very amusing! X

  5. beautiful presentation....I like it very much....