Wednesday, 30 May 2012

end of may 2012

A week of hardcore sunshine ( for the uk anyway ) and the plants are loving it.

( Fragaria × ananassa)

it baffles me how these strawberry plants have survived.
they got dumped in this tub 3 years ago and neglected - i dont think i even watered them last year- and yet, here we are. cute little flowers. i`m not keen on the strawberries that come off the " mother plant " ( the texture is ok , but they taste bland.
i wait for the runners to shoot out and grow them on. the fruits that come off the new plants taste like a real strawberry should, you know - strawberry flavor. 

spinach has trebled in size in less than a week., i`ll start eating it soon, pinching the leaves out.
meanwhile - grapevine leaves appear almost overnight and as this has turned into a grow diary, you`ll be able to see how fast these things grow.......

.......for example : 

sunflowers find their way and go for it,, i`ll put them in the ground one they are sturdy enough ( and hairy-stalked enough ) to resist the slugs. 

oh,, the broccoli went to flower. i suppose i`ll collect the seeds and germinate them later, for next year.

dandelion in flower.
 this plant ( Taraxacum) is a diuretic and the original english name was " piss - a - bed."
fascinating huh ?


Friday, 25 May 2012

may cont`d


blueberry bush - yay, flowers

purple sprouting broccoli,,, i pinch the purple florets out, they go well in a stir fry or cooked up with saag and mushrooms. mmm.

little spinach plants keeping my grapevine company.

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lemon balm  - ( a gorgeous smell when you rub the leaves )
i use it like mint, makes peas taste lush.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

garden : may

Well it looks like spring took a year off again and the uk launched straight into summer 2 days ago.

everything is 6 weeks behind, i`m usually  chomping on lettuces and spinach by now, but never mind.

i had to move the spinach into a pot, away from the slugs, but they are coming on nicely now.

i`m sure it rained here for 5 weeks non-stop, which didnt do the bluebells any favours.

this years sunflowers, -

only a few inches tall, so they have a long way to go to beat the monster that grew last year. - i stopped measuring when it got to 8 foot.

these are my cro-cosmias, which WILL be in flower next month, followed by my last surviving gladioli i

music : something i did last weekend after watching many many  hours of youtube tutorials