Wednesday, 30 May 2012

end of may 2012

A week of hardcore sunshine ( for the uk anyway ) and the plants are loving it.

( Fragaria × ananassa)

it baffles me how these strawberry plants have survived.
they got dumped in this tub 3 years ago and neglected - i dont think i even watered them last year- and yet, here we are. cute little flowers. i`m not keen on the strawberries that come off the " mother plant " ( the texture is ok , but they taste bland.
i wait for the runners to shoot out and grow them on. the fruits that come off the new plants taste like a real strawberry should, you know - strawberry flavor. 

spinach has trebled in size in less than a week., i`ll start eating it soon, pinching the leaves out.
meanwhile - grapevine leaves appear almost overnight and as this has turned into a grow diary, you`ll be able to see how fast these things grow.......

.......for example : 

sunflowers find their way and go for it,, i`ll put them in the ground one they are sturdy enough ( and hairy-stalked enough ) to resist the slugs. 

oh,, the broccoli went to flower. i suppose i`ll collect the seeds and germinate them later, for next year.

dandelion in flower.
 this plant ( Taraxacum) is a diuretic and the original english name was " piss - a - bed."
fascinating huh ?



  1. Your plants look spectacular! You must have tons of fairies working their magic in your garden!

    I, too, hate tasteless strawberries! Thankfully the ones we get in the shops here are awesome! Thanks to the miracle of hydroponics and our temperate, Mediterranean climate, we eat strawberries all year round. So spoiled! Eaton Mess anyone?! YUM!!!

    I must say, diuretic or not, I much prefer dandelion (teeth of the lion) to Piss-a-bed! Dandies always remind me of my tortoise, Irene, who loved them so! Keeping fingers crossed for monster sunflowers! :) ♥♥♥

  2. they are starting to look ok aint they ? everything is growing so fast !!

  3. You are a man of few words, Crowbloke, which leads me to assume that you are a deep thinker! Groovy! :) ♥♥♥