Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Lil`old garden update.

 In April, the garden looked pretty much like this :

Which is pretty standard for these parts,

Then the rain came.

Non-sop rain.

so much rain.

I gave up.

I bowed down to the superior opponent that is the Slug, and it`s underestimated partner in slime, the snail.

As of half an hour ago, the yard looks like this :

i just let nature take its course this year. I cut the grass maybe twice; didnt feed anything.

i planted this fuchsia a month ago, the purple flowers go really well with the crocosmia behind them.

the grapevine started growing eventually, i`m expecting my first real grapes this year, not many mind.


  1. Replies
    1. i like it too,, things just need to be left alone sometimes.

  2. the garden looks nice. Way better than mine! We had a major drought and I tried to keep it up by watering often, but it just didn't work

    1. exactly the opposite here - i should have built a snail farm !

  3. I love that you're such a great gardener! Everything is looking just wonderful! :)

    1. i cant claim the credit this year,, the most i did was watch the rain and clear up the kitty-gifts.

  4. That's quite the drastic improvement!